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Industry Sectors: Pharmaceutical & Medical Industries

We are proud to present our work. These projects are built using latest technologies and best talents. The benefits of our building methods guarantee quality for many years to come.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Industries

Jurista have been providing companies in a variety of industries around the world with automated solutions for more than 51 years.  These solutions are designed and created to meet the individual needs of each and every customer. Pharmaceutical companies have special needs when  it comes to specifying equipment for manufacturing, typically they need a system that can cope with operation repetition at high speed whilst at the same time giving accurate and reliable results. Advances in software, electronics and mechanics allow Jurista to design and produce the optimum system to be able to handle pharmaceutical processing, regardless of the size of operation or the type of product.

Full machine validation is included as standard with all pharmaceutical machines built by Jurista and our engineers will collaborate closely with our clients to achieve full compliance to all applicable standards. Jurista believes strongly in providing the very best service to its customers, whether that is working closely with them during the concept stages of a new project, managing the production of capital equipment, providing full after-sales service and support through to decommissioning redundant equipment. . 

We understand that the needs of the pharmaceutical industry are different from many other sectors, especially in the areas of cleanliness of equipment used.  Contamination of products can not only be costly to your company, but to the end user also.  All machinery manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry is produced in a clean environment.  This eliminates the presence of low-level pollutants such as dust and airborne contaminants.

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Jurista Machines

Jurista Machines

About Jurista

Jurista is a long established company supplying Special Purpose Automation Equipment to most sectors of industry. With over 51 years experience we pride ourselves in offering the best solutions to our customers, through innovative designs , whether they need a complete automated line or just a drill unit or parts feeder. Our established customer base includes both end-users of equipment and machine builders.

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We put major emphasis in this phase and we treat it as one pf the most important parts of any project.

Our experienced engineers will help you avoid any possible obstacles and provide with detailed solutions on the technologies to be used, materials and important decisions in different situations.

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