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Jurista wins major order from International Automotive components Supplier

Jurista has won a major order to supply an International Automotive products supplier with a new production line for the automated manufacture and assembly of vehicle components.

The production line, scheduled for completion in early October, will allow Jurista’s customer to fulfil the demand following the current upturn in motor vehicle production worldwide.

The production equipment will fully manufacture and assemble the Automotive component from raw material, with the final stage utilising Jurista’s patented automatic Infra Red welding technology.

The equipment will be capable of producing a completed assembly every 6 seconds on a multi shift basis.

The manufacturing process demonstrates Jurista’s capability to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all of their customer’s production and assembly requirements, utilising many different aspects of bespoke machinery design to meet the exacting requirements within the specification for an automatic production and assembly system.

The special purpose assembly equipment, utilises both standard units as well as purpose designed and built elements, all of which will either be commissioned by or designed using Jurista’s in house expertise.

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